Join me in supporting living wages in Durham!

Living wages provide dignity, offer self-sufficiency, and allow workers to take care of their families. And because women and people of color are much more likely to work low wage jobs, living wages are also one tool to address historical inequities.

That’s why I am raising $4,000 this week for the Durham Living Wage Project, which engages employers, consumers and other stakeholders to make the livelihoods of workers more central in our economy. We are working to raise wages while raising consciousness.

Said one worker being paid a living wage, “it means so much to be able to work on a living wage in Durham.  Not only does it support my family’s likely minimum need for food, I am able to afford our health insurance, rent, I was able to buy a small used car, and other basic necessities (e.g. clothing, personal care items, etc.).” It’s as simple as that.

The minimum wage in North Carolina is still $7.25, at which wage level a person would have to work 93 hours per week to afford a modest two bedroom unit at fair market rent. The living wage—currently set at $13.35 in Durham—is a much more realistic gauge of what a person or family needs to make ends meet.

Economies are in essence networks of relationships. When we infuse values into these relationships, they begin to reflect who we are and what we care about as people. Your relationship with the Durham Living Wage Project and your commitment to living wages means a great deal.

I hope you will join me in supporting the Durham Living Wage Project!



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    I just made a donation to support a @liveabull #Durham!


    Thank you to everyone who has donated to the Durham Living Wage Project. And thank you to our certified employers, volunteers and partners for believing in this project and helping to shape it and bring it to life.

    The People's Alliance Fund, the parent organization of the Durham Living Wage Project, is recognized by the Internal Revenue Service as a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. Your charitable contribution to The People's Alliance Fund for the Durham Living Wage Project is tax-deductible and is dedicated entirely for use by the project.