Why become certified?

What do I receive, as an employer, from becoming Living Wage Certified?

Employers that pay a living wage report better morale, attendance, productivity, customer relations, and lower turnover. In addition to these benefits, specific benefits of being certified as a Durham Living Wage Employer include:

  • A Durham Living Wage "certified" logo to display at your physical employment location and on your website
  • Recognition of your business/non-profit in all online and print media, including our website and growing directory of Living Wage certified employers in Durham
  • Inclusion in specific events organized to promote Living Wage employers, such as local "buy-cots"

What do I have to do to become Living Wage Certified?

Local employers that pay a living wage are part of a community that strives to do well by doing good. Living wage certification is free to employers. To be certified by the Durham Living Wage Project, all you have to do is:

  • Endorse the value that Durham workers need a living wage, which we define as the minimum amount of income needed for an individual or family to meet basic needs such as housing, food, and transportation without public or private assistance
  • Pay at least Durham City and County's current Livable Wage amount to all regular full-and part-time employees. For 2021-2022 this amount is $16.25/hour. If employers provide health insurance (paying at least 50% of the premium), the livable wage is reduced by $1.50 to $14.75/hour. For tipped employees, wages plus tips must equal $16.25/$14.75 an hour when averaged out
  • Complete a brief straight-forward Living Wage Employer Application 

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